Beautification Projects

2015 MLK Day of Service Chase Street Bulb Planting Project

This spring KACCB was proud to bring an MLK Day of Service bulb planting project to the Chase Street ramps. This project was not just about beauty, but was an effort to curb littering behavior on a ramp that is traditionally a hot spot for trash. KACCB partnered with the Georgia Department of Transportation and the ACC Landscape Management Division to create a bulb planting plan and to get permission to plant on each of the four ramps. The KACCB Board of Directors raised funds to pay for the 4,000 bulbs and tools needed to implement the project. In addition, four KACCB Board of Director members served as team leaders for each of the ramps helping to manage the 121 volunteers during the planting process. A hard day of work was rewarded several weeks later when the ramps burst into a riot of yellow blooms. A special thanks to all the partnering organizations, to the KACCB Board, to the UGA students who’s hard work made the display possible, and to Epting Events for sending a volunteer group of their own!

Loop 10 Ramp Beautification Project

Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful (KACCB), working in collaboration with the Landscape Management Division and the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), identified the need for beautification on several Loop 10 on- and off-ramps. The vision for the project is to plant wild or “ditch” daylilies on the steep ramp hillsides with early-spring blooming daffodils interspersed. The design plan is to create a natural effect rather than maintained beds.

Over 6,000 wild daylilies have been donated and transplanted from community members’ gardens. In addition, the KACCB Board of Directors has raised funds to purchase over 2,000 daffodil bulbs. The 441 North / Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway was the first site selected for planting. The project plans to continue moving around Loop 10, from ramp to ramp, each year.

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