Internal Support


The Internal Support Division (ISD) provides key support services required for the day-day operations to the various county departments throughout the government.

Services provided include:

Copier Services: Provides toner cartridge replacement, copy paper delivery, repair service and copier lease contract management.

Print Shop Operation: Provides a wide-range of printing services from full color high-quality documents to standard large print runs of black and white copies.

Telephone Services Operation: Coordinates all new installation and repair services to support local, long distance and DSL services

Court House Parking Deck Operations: Manages the daily operations of the Courthouse parking deck. This facility provides parking for county employees and jurors as well as hourly and long-term non-county parking services.

Mail Services: Provides daily internal mail courier service, pick-up and delivery, to most locations.

County Records Management: Responsible for all county record management services including both on and off-site records storage and retrieval.

Surplus Property Storage: Responsible for the storage of surplus equipment which may be put back into service by other departments.

Surplus Property Auction: Coordinates the annual surplus property auction when approved by the Mayor and Commission. This event which is open to the public is typically held in October of each year.

Internet Auction Operations: Responsible for coordinating the county’s ongoing Internet Auction activities which is currently provided by

Wireless Telephone Support: Provides end user support for the county’s individual wireless voice and data devices.

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