Plans Review

The Plans and Site Review Process is the permitting procedure for building and site construction projects within Athens-Clarke County. Commercial projects, multi-family developments, industrial projects, major subdivisions, and institutional projects are reviewed through Plans Review.

For information about submitting plans, review the information below and the Top 10 Keys to Plans Review Success. If you have questions before or during a review, please contact the Development Coordinator (855-613-3134).

Plans Review 2015

Permitting Steps
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1.  Visioning
2.  Pre-Conference
3.  Application
4.  Review
5.  Response
6.  Roundtable
7. Adjustments
8. Connections
9. Approval

  1. Visioning (Pre-Submittal Meeting – Optional)
    • What: Optional meeting to receive staff feedback prior to official submittal of Plans Review application. Opportunity for guidance when plans are preliminary and still in the idea stage.
    • Who: Applicant and any staff requested by applicant.
    • When: Every other Wednesday morning - must register with ACC Planning Department by noon the Friday prior to the meeting.
    • Visioning Meeting Schedule
    • Schedule a Visioning Meeting through the Planning Department
  2. Pre-Conference (Stormwater/Engineering Conference)
    • What: If certain stormwater thresholds are triggered, this is a mandatory meeting to ensure stormwater requirements are met.  Other ACC utility and engineering staff will attend to provide project coordination comments.
    • Who: Applicant, ACC Development Coordinator, ACC Stormwater Management, and other site reviewers.
    • When: Scheduled with applicant and reviewers when triggered.
    • Schedule a Stormwater Conference through the Public Works Department
  3. Application (Submit Plans Review Application and Pay Estimated Fees)
  4. Review (Review of Plans by ACC Staff & Other Agencies)
    • What: Plans are reviewed to ensure compliance with applicable code requirements.
    • Who: Athens-Clarke County departments and other outside agencies as required (i.e. Health Department).
    • When: Reviews begin after plan submittal deadlines (Building Plan submittal deadlines are every Tuesday at noon. Site Plan submittal deadlines are every other Tuesday at noon.)
    • Plans Review Meeting and Deadline Schedule
  5. Response (Receive Comments from ACC Staff)
    • What: Any comments from staff describing needed plan revisions or clarifications are emailed to the applicant for review prior to the Plans Review Conference.
    • Who: Comments are sent from reviewing ACC departments and any outside agencies (i.e. Health Department).
    • When: 8 days after the Building Plan submittal deadline or 15 days after the Site Plan submittal deadline.
  6. Roundtable (Plans Review Conference with ACC Staff)
    • What: Plans Review roundtable conference to share information and answer or ask questions about projects on the week’s agenda.
    • Who: ACC reviewing departments and outside agencies. Applicants are encouraged to attend, but it is not a required meeting.
    • When: Every Thursday morning for Building Plan submittals, 9 days after submittal deadline. Every other Thursday afternoon for Site Plan submittals, 16 days after submittal deadline.
    • Plans Review Meeting and Deadline Schedule
  7. Adjustments (Revisions & Resubmittals)
    • What: Applicant revises plans per comments received from staff and resubmits to the Planning Department for further feedback. Step may be repeated if necessary.
    • Who: Applicant resubmits plans and ACC departments or outside agencies respond.
    • When: Any time after applicant has revised plans. Resubmittal comments are provided within 14 days for first revisions to site plans.  All other comments are provided within 7 days.
    • Revision Form and Resubmittal Requirements
  8. Connections (Utility Connection Approval)
    • What: Process to provide water and sewer connections, and to address any water or sewer issues prior to the issuance of any permits.
    • Who: Applicant and ACC Public Utilities Department.
    • When: After engineering plans are approved and contract with the ACC Public Utilities Department is signed.
    • Contact the Public Utilities Department
  9. Approval (Final Fees Paid and Permit Issued)
    • What: Permit is issued for construction to begin.
    • Who: Permits issued by ACC Building Inspections (Building Plans) and/or ACC Transportation & Public Works Department (Site Plans). Depending on the project, other specialized permits may be required (Health Department or Solid Waste permits). Fees are paid by applicant.
    • When: After the ACC Planning Department confirms that all review comments are satisfied, plans are stamped as “Approved”, and remaining fee balance is paid.

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